The Countryside About Us - March 1994

posted 3 Mar 2014, 11:35 by James Mansell
March is but a few days old at the time of writing these notes, rather early to get too excited about the prospect of  springtime.  Yet the harshness of recent weeks has been replaced with much kinder days. Well, the blackbirds think so anyway!  Already the first of the 2 to 4 clutches of eggs are being laid.  It is likely by the time you receive your next Parish Magazine the first chicks will have hatched. These youngsters will assist their parents to feed subsequent broods.

Those of us who still grow some of our vegetables will be bewildered at the variety and choice that seedsmen offer. Their colourful catalogues hold promises that so often are only partly realized.  However, a development that caught my attention recently seemed well worth a try. A carrot seed has been marketed with a built in resistance to the dreaded carrot fly. How this is achieved I know not, but I plan to find out if it works!

Over twenty years have passed since last I visited a nearby farm. The most abiding memory I had was hardly agricultural. The owner at that time, already a very old man, graciously invited me in.  The entrance hall was cavernous. A long row of hat and coat pegs caught my eye.  At least six bowler hats were neatly hung there.  Our conversation touched on another age long past.  Recently I had occasion to visit this farm again. Much had changed. Grandson now greeted me, and like his Grandfather before him, invited me inside, this time through the back-door. I remarked, “It’s a long time since I came inside this house and all I can remember is a long row of bowler hats in the hall.”  He smiled and said, “Come and look at this.“ Sure enough there they all were!  His land is now farmed on a contractual arrangement, the cows long since dispersed, but at least some things had not changed!

Roger Sykes