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Suffolk Copnstabulary #SaferChristmas

posted 22 Dec 2017, 07:00 by Chris Hoare   [ updated 22 Dec 2017, 07:00 ]

As part Suffolk Constabulary’s seasonal campaign to deliver a  #SaferChristmas, police are reminding the public that although domestic abuse can increase at this time of the year, no-one need suffer in silence.

For most, the festive season is a time for celebration and bringing people together. However, for some it can be one of the most fearful time of the year, with reports of domestic abuse to police increasing. Over 830 incidents were reported to Suffolk Police in December last year. Domestic abuse is ‘hidden harm’ and it is not just about violence. It can include verbal, sexual, psychological, financial or emotional abuse.

Tensions over money, unrealistic expectations about having the "perfect" Christmas, combined with excessive alcohol and being cooped up in close quarters, all exert an additional pressure on relationships. Victims can be male or female, as can perpetrators, although the majority of victims are female and most perpetrators are male.

As well as asking victims to come forward themselves, police are urging relatives and friends to look out for the signs of domestic abuse and report it if they believe someone they know is suffering as a result of it. It really could make a difference in ensuring a safer Christmas for everyone.

Detective Superintendent Eamonn Bridger said,"Domestic abuse sadly takes place every day and can be very frightening, affecting people regardless of age, gender, race and sexuality. The aim of our Christmas campaign is to make victims aware that it is not their fault, that they are not alone and they can take steps to stop the abuse.

"I understand that taking that first step and telling somebody what is happening can often be very difficult but police will be able to offer advice and support to help domestic abuse victims. We also work closely with partner agencies as we understand that people don’t always want to approach police.

"If you are experiencing domestic violence, or know someone who is, please report it and help us keep communities safer.”

Suffolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore said; "Domestic abuse is an appalling crime; it ruins the lives of victims and has a devastating impact on their families, particularly because children often suffer the consequences as well. No-one should have to live with the fear of violence or controlling behaviour, especially at home.

"I find it particularly sad that there is often an increase in the number of cases of domestic abuse at this time of the year and many victims endure tremendous suffering in silence which is totally unacceptable.

"We have invested large sums of money to help support the victims and bring the perpetrators to justice - no longer do victims have to suffer in silence.

"I’d like to encourage anyone suffering from domestic abuse to seek advice by contacting Lighthouse Women’s Aid on 01473 745 111 or the police on 101 or in an emergency, 999.”

What is domestic abuse?
Domestic abuse can take many forms; it can be psychological, physical, sexual, financial and emotional. It is domestic abuse if your partner or a family member:
• threatens or intimidates you
• is violent towards you
• makes you fear for your physical safety
• humiliates you or puts you down by calling you name or playing mind games
• isolates you by stopping you from seeing your family and friends
• is controlling of where you go, what you do, how you dress, or otherwise deprives you of your independence

For more examples of domestic violence, please visit the Suffolk Police website: http://www.suffolk.police.uk/advice/assault-abuse-threats/domestic-abuse
If you feel in immediate danger as a result of domestic abuse, dial 999 straight away and wait in a safe place for the police to arrive.

Help us keep our communities safe.

Police advice on a variety of subjects can be accessed via  https://www.suffolk.police.uk/advice

To report something, or to otherwise contact Police, use the link http://www.suffolk.police.uk/contact-us 

To report something anonymously call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or visit www.crimestoppers-uk.org

Alternatively call 101 for non-urgent matters.

Always call 999 in emergencies, or if an immediate police response is required.

Police Connect Team

22 Dec 17