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posted 24 Nov 2020, 03:19 by Chris Hoare

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East Suffolk has seen a number of motor vehicle offences recently, with 82 reported since the 1st of September.

Most have been the theft of the motor vehicle itself, with Theft From (31 offences)  and Interference With a Motor Vehicle (14 offences) also featuring. The offences where the vehicle has been stolen appear to target newer, high value cars with remote, keyless entry.

So how do criminals steal these vehicles?


Car Key Hacking - The Smart Way To Steal A Car

What is car key hacking?

Key hacking is when thieves attack built-in systems that can unlock a car when the key is nearby, without having to press a button on the fob or put a key in the lock.

If close to the car, the key sends a short-range signal that tells it to unlock, even if it’s in your handbag or pocket.

But car thieves have devised ways to scan for and hack the signal to give them access to some cars

How does car key hacking work?

Key hacking is also known as ‘relay theft’. Thieves use electronic car key relay boxes, putting one near your home to receive signals coming from your car key fob through the walls or windows.

This first box then boosts the signal to a second device near the car, to trick it into registering the key as nearby and unlocking the doors.

How can you prevent thieves hijacking your key fob signal?

You can use a two-pronged approach to prevent your car being stolen:

•Take preventative measures (see key fob blockers below) to stop someone from stealing your key fob signal

•Make sure all software has been updated on your vehicle

•Use steering locks and other preventative measures that will put thieves off attempting to drive off with your car

Drivers with keyless systems can take precautions to prevent their vehicles being stolen including storing their keys in protective cases so the signal can’t be cloned, or even switching off the keyless feature on the fob if it is an option. Try to avoid storing your keys by the front door – it may not be fail-safe but get into the habit of leaving your keys well away from your vehicle, such as at the back of the house.”

What is a car key fob blocker?

Car key signal blockers are metal-lined key wallets or special bags designed to keep your keys safe, also known as Faraday bags.

They’re relatively inexpensive at around £5 upwards, but not all are of the same quality. What are a few extra pounds when you consider the value of the vehicle it’s protecting?

Be sure to test the bag once you've bought it to make sure it works, by holding it close to the car with the key in and checking whether or not it opens.

Make sure you put the keys in the bag as soon as you have locked the car, and don't forget to use one for your spare car key in the house. If you get one large enough, you can also pop your mobile in it which blocks the signal so you won't be distracted by your phone while you are driving.


For information about how to reduce the chances of your vehicle being targeted, follow this link to the ‘First Principle’ page of the  Suffolk Constabulary website


Until next time!

Pc Green & Pc Yeldham