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Burglaries in Suffolk- high value jewellery & cash

posted 17 Nov 2017, 08:46 by Chris Hoare   [ updated 17 Nov 2017, 08:46 ]

Police are appealing to the public to be aware of a spate of burglaries in Suffolk where high value jewellery & large sums of cash have been stolen.

  • Always lock all doors and windows, even if you only pop out for a few minutes
  • Secure your back garden by locking gates with closed shackle padlocks and having 6ft high fences
  • Do not leave tools or bricks in the garden that could be used to force entry
  • Have dusk to dawn lights installed around the house
  • Leave lights and a radio on timers to make your home look occupied
  • Do not leave any items on display
  • Avoid keeping jewellery in the master bedroom-hide this in different rooms around your home (not in the bottom of a wardrobe)
  • Register belongings eg mobile phones, laptops, cameras & cycles on www.immobilise.com
  • Consider having a burglar alarm fitted
  • Consider using forensic marking to identify jewellery-see www.securedbydesign.com. (Consult your insurance company before marking jewellery)
  • Keep valuables in a safety deposit box in a bank or have a safe installed meeting the following standard LPS 1183: Issue 4, BS EN 1143-1: 2005

  • Never keep large quantities of cash at home, deposit this with your bank or building society

For more detailed crime prevention advice on various subjects please visit www.suffolk.police.uk/advice/crime-prevention-z

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Police Connect Team
17 Nov 17