Planning Applications

Recent planning applications affecting Earl Soham are listed below.  Clicking on the link will take you to the District Council Planning Portal where you can see details, including plans and comments received by the council.  To view documents associated with this application, click on the Documents tab (on the Planning web site) and then follow the "View associated documents" link. 

You can comment on the applications directly to SCDC; if you wish to do so, you will need to register. Alternatively (or additionally) if you would like your comments to be considered by the Parish Council you can send your comments to the Parish Council by email to  the Parish Clerk, Guy Harvey, or on paper to  "Guy Harvey, Clerk to Earl Soham Parish Council, The Oaks, The Street, Earl Soham, IP13 7SB" .   You may also send your comments to any parish councillor.
If you would like to attend the meeting of the Parish Council, you may be  able to speak for, or against a proposal; however, you must comply with the attached rules on public participation, and, bearing in mind the restriction of only one person speaking for or against a topic, you might wish to consult the Clerk in advance to check if others are of a like mind.

DC/17/0492/FUL  Poplar Farm Dial Lane Earl Soham Suffolk IP13 7SW  Change in fenestration to first floor annexe and reduction in size of detached garage block to that originally approved under planning permission CO2/0108 & CO 2/0109 dated 19/07/02 & 19/06/02 respectively.
(Original Listed Building Consent application implemented by construction of ground floor extension in 2002/2003)

DC/16/5177/DRC Discharge of conditions 1 - 9 on DC/13/2261/FUL Change of use and extension to existing outbuilding to provide annexe holiday accommodation The Gables The Street Earl Soham Suffolk IP13 7SA

DC/16/5038/LBC  Single storey rear extension and internal alterations including extension of previously approved mezzanine and new window replacements/alterations Soham House Brandeston Road Earl Soham Suffolk IP13 7AX

DC/16/5037/FUL  Single storey rear extension and internal alterations including extension of previously approved mezzanine and new window replacements/alterations Soham House Brandeston Road Earl Soham Suffolk IP13 7AX

DC/16/0871/FUL  Details as required by conditions 3 and 5 of planning consent - Soham House Brandeston Road Earl Soham Suffolk IP13 7AX

 DC/16/4661/COU - Unit 2 Moat Park -Change of use (to include retrospective consent) use B1 (office/light industrial) to D2 Gymnasium (to include coffee shop ancilliary to D2 use) and variation of operating hours 
 DC/16/4142/FUL Yew Tree Court Plot 2 - Erection of new building (including satisfaction of conditions 2,4,7,11 and variation to condition 17 of OPP DC/15/2705/OUT 9th October 2015) B1/B8 use with new external hardstanding 

 DC/16/4293/FUL - Street Farm - Erection of 10 open market dwellings and 5 affordable including conversion of existing timber framed barn into 1 dwelling together with garages, access road, paved footway link to village centre, fencing, walling, landscaping, drainage, infrastructure and ancillary works. (all remaining existing buildings to be demolished 

 DC/16/3595/FUL Land S Glebe Cottage - plot 6 - erection of detached 4 bed house and attached double garage 

 DC/16/3648 PN3 Prior approval for the conversion of existing B1 (a) offices to residential under class O of current GPDO 1-23 Earl Soham Business Centre 

 SCC\0176\16 (SCC\0176\16C) Extension of Earl Soham Primary School Car Park