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posted 12 Sept 2019, 13:27 by Chris Hoare   [ updated 13 Sept 2019, 03:49 ]

12th September 2019   

East Suffolk Council Local Plan 2019 sets a new build housing quota for all parishes and the allocation for Earl Soham is 25 new homes for the period up to 2036.

It is a statutory requirement that the Earl Soham Neighbourhood Plan identifies sites in the parish that will address the new homes allocation as a minimum. This is a call to all landowners who have an interest in submitting development land or sites for consideration in the Neighbourhood Plan.

We are primarily looking for a mix of sites that together will provide 25 dwellings made up of affordable, social and open market residential homes to be built between now and 2036.

If you have a site that will support one or more dwellings and would like this to be considered for inclusion in the Neighbourhood Plan please complete the form available on the parish website or direct from the Parish Clerk.

We would also like to hear from you if you have land that you may wish to see taken forward to provide wider community benefit. For example, this could be as space for children’s play area, parking, employment, community woodland or other community use.

All sites will be assessed by independent experts to determine their suitability, sustainability and ability to meet the objectives of the Neighbourhood Plan. The site submissions received as part of Earl Soham Neighbourhood Plan Call for Sites may be published and made available for public viewing.

When a site is allocated in the approved Neighbourhood Plan then this will establish the principle of development on that site for that particular use (subject to normal planning requirements). This does not prevent subsequent planning applications for other sites but when the Neighbourhood Plan is approved applications for multiple dwellings on sites that are not included in the Plan are unlikely to succeed.

If you have potential site(s) that you wish to put forward then a site submission form can be downloaded from the Earl Soham Parish Council website http://www.earlsoham.org/home/parish-council/es-neighbourhood-plan

Please return completed forms to the Parish Clerk Guy Harvey, The Oaks, The Street, Earl Soham, IP13 7SB before the deadline of midnight on Thursday 31st October 2019.

Please note that this ‘Call for Sites’ seeks only to identify land that is potentially available for development or other uses. Submission of a site does not imply that it will be proposed for allocation for development within the Neighbourhood Plan. Submitting details of a particular site, whether for housing or other purpose, means only that the Neighbourhood Plan team and its professional advisors will undertake an assessment of that site and, if considered suitable against the assessment criteria, it may be considered for allocation within the Earl Soham Neighbourhood Plan.

Chris Hoare,
13 Sept 2019, 03:46
Chris Hoare,
12 Sept 2019, 13:27