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Framlingham Crown Offers Meals on Wheels

posted 22 Mar 2020, 14:35 by Earl Soham Web Admin   [ updated 23 Mar 2020, 10:22 ]
 Good evening all.

I have attached the meals on wheels menu, basically how it works is we are asking people to phone over a weekend between 9 & 1 Saturday and Sunday and let us know if they would like a delivery the following week. There is a selection for each day and it would be a main and a dessert for each day then if they wanted something for the evening they could pick a sandwich, all sandwiches come with a packet of crisps and a soup. The cost is £10 for a lunch & £5 for a sandwich but all will be delivered together each day between 12 & 2. The cost includes delivery to cover for petrol, staff etc and someone can have 1 day, 2 days, the whole week, whatever they want really. We take payment over the phone when it's ordered so there is no contact with anyone paying cash on delivery etc as that would defeat the purpose of the social distancing.

Equally if someone decided to have something mid week we would realistically need 24 hours notice to make sure we can order and prep anything. All the food is delivered in microwaveable containers and will just be picked up on the next delivery if that makes sense. It's only something little but it hopefully will help people who do not want to leave the house or cannot whilst at the same time mean our team can have a few hours work in this difficult period.

If you can be so kind & pass that to members of your group, that will be fantastic.

Even if we get few people, if we can help & then they can help us.

I am on the same boat, as most of you guys, I need to stay home for safety of my baby.

Best wishes

Ps. I really appreciate any help with this.