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Food Bank

Food Bank Donations

posted 28 Mar 2020, 08:20 by Earl Soham Web Admin

Please Donate Food

Food Banks rely on your goodwill and support

As the coronavirus pandemic unfolds in the UK we will find families within our community becoming more vulnerable. This will lead to very worrying times for those affected.

We have setup a food bank and would really welcome donations, and promise to use them to provide help to the more vulnerable members of our community.

Drop off point location:

Within the inner wooden railings of the Primary School. Please use the plastic crate which can be found in the labelled large wooden box.

Opening Times:

The crate will only be available during school hours 9am – 4.30pm

What to donate:

Preferably non-perishable food such as cereal, soup, pasta, rice, tinned food. Fruit and vegetables also welcome.

How to access the food bank for your household:

Contact your Neighbourhood Leader for support and we will make a doorstep delivery to you.  This is the safest and fairest way to distribute food to our neighbours at this time.  

The Earl Soham Support group remain focused on keeping people safe and ensuring our community has enough to eat through this crisis. We know this is a big ask but it is important we all continue to support everyone within our village.

If you have any queries please contact

Susie Nicholass: 07768 986046, Susie.nicholass@gmail.com

Or your Neighbourhood Zone Leader

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