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Going for a walk or Run? Please think of others and keep your distance.

posted 26 May 2020, 05:35 by Earl Soham Web Admin
When out for a walk, you should maintain a distance of at least 2 metres from anyone you meet.  This can be difficult on narrow paths, so STAY ALERT and look well ahead for anyone coming towards you, especially when approaching a narrow section; if necessary wait until the way ahead is clear before entering it.  If two people meet unexpectedly on a narrow section of path, the safest and most polite way to handle the situation, is  for both of you to stop 2m apart and agree which side of the path you will each take.  One person should then step as far to the side as possible and stand sideways facing away from the path, allowing the other person to pass behind them, facing away as they do so.

Please remember that some people may be more concerned about contracting the virus than you are, so you should consider their need for social distancing, treat each other with respect and be aware that some of these people may be in self-isolation because of illness or other vulnerabilities.  Please be particularly careful when out running; do not press on regardless.  If necessary adjust your pace to avoid passing others too closely and look away from them when you do pass them.   If the path ahead is narrow and occupied, pause to one side and either rest, stretch or run on the spot until the way ahead is clear.

Finally, if you are particularly concerned about maintaining your isolation try to avoid using narrow paths where you may find a close encounter unavoidable.