Dog Warden’s Plea

If your doggie does a poo

Then you know what you should do

Just bag it up and place it in a bin

It isn’t very neat to leave it in the street

Where folks will go and dip their tootsies in

Don’t put it on a rock or leave it on the shore

Don’t hang it on a tree or on a wall

And please, I wish to state just never desecrate

The churchyard – that is really worst of all

Don’t leave it in the town or on a country fence

Don’t leave it all upon the village green

And when you take a stroll a lovely grassy knoll

Is never where the poo bag should be seen

Dog walkers everywhere I beg of you take care

Be strong and stand out in the crowd

Keep our village clean, a pleasure to be seen

And make your doggie very proud


Maggie Perkovic  - published by kind permission of the author