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Jubilee Wood: Meeting 29th October 2012

posted 15 Oct 2012, 11:24 by James Mansell   [ updated 5 Nov 2017, 12:07 by Chris Hoare ]
Last week, on the 29th September, members of the Jubilee Wood Volunteers came to start clearing the old allotment area. 

Things that were done:
  • In preparation for the official adoption of the footpath, various blackthorn stumps were removed. When the hedge is trimmed on the inside(by David Sillett this month) this will then meet the conditions required by SCDC.  
  • Three sycamore trees were taken down, the smaller branches to be burnt on a bonfire.
  • Six rolls of wire fencing and other miscellaneous items were removed from the ground.
  • Nettles and fully-grown areas of weed were hacked down. 
  • In favour of nature, we have created log piles (from the sycamore trees) for various species of wildlife to inhabit.
The trees from the Queen's Diamond Jubilee woodland trust will be arriving in November. We hope to have the grass cut and the blackthorn cut back by November to be able to start planting.

We have started a photographic record and some of these pictures are shown below. Please click to enlarge. 

Jubilee Wood Photographs September 2012

We hope to see nature making progress here but we can’t leave it down to nature alone so please come along (even if you're not a member).