Theft of Horse Trailer – Debenham

posted 11 Oct 2017, 03:23 by Chris Hoare

Police are appealing to witnesses following the theft of a horse trailer from the Debenham area.

Sometime between 3pm on Thursday 5th and 3pm Friday 6th October 2017 a green Richardson Rice horse trailer was stolen from a field off Kenton Road in Debenham.  The trailer, which has a reversing mirror attached to the front, contained 30-40 bales of hay.

If you saw the trailer being moved or have information on the trailer’s whereabouts, please call Suffolk Police on 101 quoting reference 37/65588/17

Horse trailers are easy targets for thieves unless security measures are taken.

  • Where possible park the trailer in a locked barn or behind secured gates.

  • Fit a tow hitchlock and if possible chain the towing arm to something solid.  Use a heavy duty motorbike type chain which are very difficult to crop.

  • Use a wheel clamp on a rear wheel. Immobilising the rear wheel stop the trailer being moved if the trailer is lifted at the front.

  • Fit a tracker to your trailer – these have come down dramatically in price and can be linked and operated from your mobile phone

  • Mark the trailer roof with vinyl lettering or paint.

  • Record the trailer chassis / serial number and register this with the manufacturer’s database such as Ifor Williams or TER  (The National Plant Equipment Register)

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Police Connect Team
11 Oct 17